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Reviews Written By mindymoo8

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Dove Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Powder Fresh by Dove - Unilever
Invisible Solid
 not the greatest   July 12, 2013   Report Abuse
By mindymoo8  
I have been using dove recently and it just does not work as well as dove clinical.I use it in the evening after my shower ans when i wake up I cab already smell my body odor.Yes it does make my underarms softer but what is the use if i still smell bad.I like clinical deodorants and mitchum. They really work.In this day and age with all these heat waves you would think that the makers of deodorant could actually create one that would work very well.If there were a deodorant that really worked they are probably afraid there sales would flounder.those crystals they sell do not work at all ever.A cheap way to smell good is baking soda, men and women have been using for years.also if we would not eat so many onions we would all smell better. remember you are what you eat.toms organic deodorant is the worst of all, it does nothing to help the smell, and then some people use nothing which i cannot understand because if you are one of those people who have bad odor then people just steer clear of you.Please people use deodorant and do not be sparing with it,a lot of us work very close together and we would rather not smell your b.o. You can also use special soap if you are one of those people with unusually bad body odor.You also must be careful because some of us are allergic t certain chemicals and they will cause a rash or worse.P.s. I do not care if you are with child or not you still need to have good personal care.please,please,please to all of you who think that your natural odor smells good, you are wrong it does not,unless you have some special gift.
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