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Image added by saivamsi
iPhone 5S by Apple
AT&T Other Phone Only Sprint T-Mobile Verizon iOS (Item added by saivamsi)

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iPhone 5S is a new iOS Smartphone from Apple. It is part of the iPhone line, and was released on September 20, 2013 along with iPhone 5C. The Phone was next successor of iPhone 5. The phone maintains a similar design to its predecessor, aside from the introduction of a new home button design using a laser-cut sapphire cover surrounded by a metallic ring. There are other new features in the phone like Touch ID, a fingerprint recognition system built directly into the home button which can be used to unlock the phone and authenticate App Store and iTunes Store purchases. The Phone was installed with a iOS 7.0.4 and comes new A7 Chip. The phone was released in 37 countries by November 1, 2013. The Phone is available in three colors ( Space Gray, Gold, Silver) Edit Description (Description last edited by saivamsi)
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 Old Look, new features. Really Impressive.   November 29, 2013   Report Abuse
By saivamsi   See my 84 reviews »
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
The Phone is actually not the best when you compare it to Samsung Galaxy S4. Although the new features and amazing gaming chip makes the phone even better than S4. New iOS 7 is also one of the Plus points for the phone. I say apple did a great job in this phone comparing iPhone 5C.
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