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Image added by PhilMouzy
Cocktail Directed by Roger Donaldson
(Tom Cruise, Bryan Brown, Elisabeth Shue) Release Date: 1988 (Item added by PhilMouzy)

Based on 1 Review
Item ID: 509   Report Abuse
An above average romantic/self discovery film. Very good if you like Cruise and Brown Edit Description (Description last edited by PhilMouzy)
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 Cocktail   July 30, 2013   Report Abuse
By PhilMouzy   See my 11 reviews »
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
If you enjoy Tom Cruise's work of the late 80's this movie is a must watch. If young, cocky, going to prove everyone wrong, charismatic maverick of Top Gun and The Color of Money is your cup of tea, than this is a can't miss. If for some reason you find yourself being annoyed and bothered by the young Mr. Cruise, you might want to skip this one.

Cocktail is a proto-typical story of young love and self-discovery. It tells the story of a young army vet who's got confidence, charisma and dreams big. Brian Flanagan, played by
Tom Cruise, starts bartending in NYC and quickly achieves fame and success. After a fall-out with his bartending mentor Doug Coughlin (Bryan Brown,) Brian finds himself bartending in Jamaica. A surprise visit from his old sensei and a flourishing romance with a young artist Jordan (Elisabeth Shue,) change the calm beat of the tropics, and Brian moves back to New York to pursue his ambitions.

At its core, Cocktail is about chasing the American Dream, but finding happiness in American Reality.

Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown are exceptional in this film. The interaction between the two of them is what really makes this movie worth the watch. The witty back and forth banter of this captivating and entertaining duo is top notch. Even though Cruise is the headliner of this movie and gets much of the camera time, Brown is every bit his equal if not better. This bartending duet dazzles the patrons of various taverns and clubs, with their bartending showmanship skills and clever catch-phrases.

The soundtrack, which so many people like to rave about, is really hit-or-miss. Going from pretty solid, mood-fitting party tracks to 80's vanilla fluff that would have even the author of the said song wonder whether it was his work or one of a thousand similar sounding creations.

This movie is fun, cool and intriguing, for a good two-thirds of the movie. The bar atmosphere of New York and the beautiful and colorful images of Jamaica are very pleasing to the eye and keep the viewer engaged. The third act, if you will, really drops off in entertainment value. It seems that the writers have either run out of steam, time or ideas.

The third part of the movie is dominated by Cruise's character unsuccessful attempts to apologize and win back his romantic interest, with her constantly denying him that opportunity,
until she finally surrenders to his persistence.

I give Cocktail a 3-star rating because it manages to overwhelm and excite as well as underachieve. The build-up is great, but at the end leaves one slightly unfulfilled.
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