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America's Got Talent by NBC (Item added by jamie)

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Variety show featuring different acts. Nick Cannon is the show host. 4 judges, Howie Mendel, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howard Stern, vote on initial acts while to get them through to the Radio City Music Hall live shows. Edit Description (Description last edited by TKStar)
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 Loving this season!   July 22, 2013   Report Abuse
By TKStar   See my 30 reviews »
I have never been a fan of the variety show or singing competition TV shows. They all have seemed either too long, too drawn out, too preconceived, and/or too much focus on the judges for me.

AGT is different. I think they've struck the perfect balance between judge commentary, participant performances, and TV viewer interaction.

I love the four judges this season. They genuinely seem to enjoy each other and working with the show. Howie Mendel adds a light hearted take, Howard Stern is straight forward, and Mel B. has a heart of gold (especially when interacting with children). The only judge that seems a bit like a push over, is Heidi Klum, but she redeems herself as she interacts with the other judges and contestants exceptionally well.

The talent on this show is incredible. I've been watching this season since episode 1 and am excited for each new show to come on. I must admit that I only started watching AGT because Howard Stern is a judge, but have continued to watch the show due to the amount of variety of contestant talent, and the judge interactions.

FINAL TAKE - 5 stars for a family friendly show that showcases a variety of talent, fantastic judge interaction, and offers viewer interaction (voting) during the later stages of the competition.
Recommended Instead: Howard Stern Howard Stern and co-host Robin Quiver
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 Definitely enjoying this season...   July 21, 2013   Report Abuse
By jamie of     See my 51 reviews »
I had watched AGT on an off in the past, but mostly off. I like Howard Stern, so I made the decision to try to stick with it this season from beginning to end. I've seen enough good acts so far to make me say it has been worth the commitment. Special Head, Taylor the comedian, the country singer whose wife tricked him into auditioning... Just a few of the talented people that have made this show a joy to watch.

I also like the fact that the judges don't constantly bicker- there is good chemistry amongst the judges. Everybody involved in the show seems to genuinely want the best talent to get through. If you're looking for something to watch (especially if you don't have time to finish a show in a single sitting), I would give this a try.
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