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Image added by PhilMouzy
Predator Directed by John McTiernan
(Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers) Release Date: 1987 (Item added by PhilMouzy)

Based on 2 Reviews
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 Predator   July 19, 2013   Report Abuse
By PhilMouzy   See my 11 reviews »
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
Predator knocks it out of the park! Even though it might appear dated at first glance, do not be fooled. This movie is a timeless classic, and is a must see for anyone who has even a remote interest in action, sci-fi, horror or adventure genres, or just loves epically awesome movies!

A group of U.S. commandos is sent on a covert rescue operation, deep into the jungles of Latin America. On their way back from the mission, the members of the squad start getting killed off, one-by-one. They realize that something in the jungle is hunting them.

Predator is as great as it is straightforward. The story, acting and special effects are not elaborate, but are all exceptional on their own and work extremely well together. Yes, I said acting in Predator is exceptional. It's not going to win any Oscars, but the collaboration of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers, along with a group of fine supporting cast members are perfect for the kind of movie that Predator is. Thus, I deem it exceptional. Same goes for character development, which effortlessly makes you feel like you've known these men for years.

This movie is violent at times but it is not sadistic in nature, which is the route so many of the current action, sci-fi and horror films have chosen to take. A character's life comes to a swift, glorious and warrior-like end rather than a slow, miserable and painful finale.

The Predator takes pleasure and pride in the challenge of the kill, rather than the torment of the prey. I believe this to be an important distinction that needs to be made. It shows that the Predator has a lot more in common with his prey than one would think. After all, humans have been hunting for sport for centuries. The Predator also takes his victim's skulls as trophies. The need to collect trophies of personal conquests is not unlike the behavior of many human hunters.

The score in this movie is brilliant and well timed. It achieves the desired effect of heightening the tension and suspense of the film. The atmosphere created by the music is both worrisome and exciting.

This movie is great because, among other aspects, it deals with the human nature. We witness a band of hard men, who pride themselves on their toughness and fearlessness, succumb to doubt and fear. To their credit, even when the commandos are facing certain doom and are clearly worried, they never panic, and fight and die with honor.

The dialog is short and to the point. There are some pretty funny catch-phrases as well. This movie avoids the uncomfortable, corny state that some sci-fi, action and horror movies find themselves in, when trying to be too funny or too serious.

Predator is a bastion of epic glory, a must for anyone, regardless of your creed, age or political affiliations.
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 Good Sci-Fi Action!   July 30, 2013   Report Abuse
By KOMwriter of     See my 31 reviews »
I thought this was a good film. Sci-Fi, action, suspense, a story, good characters...all good ingredients. The writing was very good and told a good story, while the interaction between all of the characters helped the story move along. Good film!
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