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Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner by Bissell
Green Tea Color 1867-7 (Item added by TKStar)

Based on 1 Review
Item ID: 430   Report Abuse
Upright electric steam mop for cleaning hardwood flooring without the use of any chemicals. Edit Description (Description last edited by TKStar)
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 Fantastic steam mop - but could use a longer cord!   July 9, 2013   Report Abuse
By TKStar   See my 30 reviews »
I would give this steam mop 5 stars if it had a slightly longer cord.

I bought this steam mop approximately 6 years ago to clean my first floor wall to wall hardwood flooring. Depending on the season, I use it on a weekly to a monthly basis. It has withstood the test of time, and my floors feel squeaky clean after I use the steam mop.

I love the fact that I am cleaning my flooring without chemicals. With two dogs in the home, it is important to me that we use as little chemical cleaners as possible. This mop is AMAZING and has removed everything from mud spots to hardened doggie drool.

I use the mop primarily on my hardwood flooring, but have also used it from time to time on my bathroom tiled flooring. I have deep grout lines on my bathroom floors, and usually use a towel to quickly wipe up after steam cleaning the tile as sometimes little puddles of water will form.

I have recommended this steam mop to many people. In fact, after loaning this to my next door neighbor, she bought one immediately for her home.

I would give this mop 5 stars if it had a longer cord. As for the small puddles of water on my tile floor, I consider that to be a design flaw of my floor, not an issue with the mop itself. :)
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