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Kohls (Item added by jamie)

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Kohl's Corporation is an American clothing retail chain headquartered in the Milwaukee suburb of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin,operating with over 1000 stores in 49 states as of February 2013 and also the largest clothing retailer by no of stores. The chain was the 23rd largest retailer in the United States in 2015 in terms of revenue. Traded in New York Stock Exchange as NYSE: KSS. Edit Description (Description last edited by saivamsi)
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 Best Dept store around!   July 7, 2013   Report Abuse
By KRW57   This is my only review so far.
I LOVE Kohl's for so many reasons! First of all, I like that they are often not in malls - it makes them easier to get in and out of without traffic congestion. I also like the fact that they are open long hrs. They open several hours earlier than mall stores and are open several hours later. Most of their items are of good or better quality. They have a great selection of most things they carry and their prices are reasonable. If you wait for a coupon you can save even more. Kohl's cash is an extra savings bonus, though returns are a little trickier - if you drop under the $50 increment to earn Kohl's cash, they'll subtract it from the return. Honestly, though it can be frustrating if you really just can't use an item, I think this is the only way to prevent people from buying stuff only to return it and "make money". Their overall generous return policy and easy to work with customer service department is one of my favorite things about the store, though. I'll buy something there that I wouldn't buy from other stores if I'm not sure about it because I know their is no hassle in returning it.
My main negative about the store is that I wish they carried more talls in women's clothing and more women's shoes in larger sizes. These are 2 things we sometimes have to go elsewhere to buy.
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 A wonderful store with Great quality Stuff.   July 4, 2013   Report Abuse
By saivamsi   See my 84 reviews »
I really like, not because they have expensive stuff, but the stuff they always have are really a good quality. They always have offers running everyday and all the stuff I brought in their store are really awesome and they stay long. Most common thing I brought from them are shorts and Shoes and I am still using them. A great store.
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 Lackluster   July 4, 2013   Report Abuse
By jamie of     See my 51 reviews »
Kohls has some decent features and some good deals, but I find it annoying how hard you have to work for them sometimes. They constantly send out coupons, but they are often for inconvenient times. Here's what they should do- just charge the lowest prices for things all the time. Don't send out coupons for 25% off for some people and 10% off for others. That's price discrimination and rather annoying. On top of that, quality and selection are not great.
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