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Adobe Photoshop (Mac OS X 10.7, Windows 8, Windows 7)
Release Date: 1990 (Item added by saivamsi)

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Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems. ----------------------------------------------------- Features : All-new Smart Sharpen Photoshop Extended features included Intelligent upsampling Adobe Camera Raw as a filter Adobe Camera Raw 8 Editable rounded rectangles and other shapes Multiple shape and path selection Improved 3D painting Camera Shake Reduction Smart Object support for Blur Gallery and Liquify Mercury Graphics Engine Content-Aware Patch and Content-Aware Move On-canvas 3D controls at your fingertips ----------------------------------------------------- System Requirements : Mac OS: Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support Mac OS X v10.7 (64 bit) or v10.8 (64 bit) 1GB of RAM 3.2GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on a volume that uses a case-sensitive file system or on removable flash storage devices) 1024x768 display (1280x800 recommended) with 16-bit color and 512MB of VRAM (1GB VRAM required for 3D features) OpenGL 2.0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows : Intel Edit Description (Description last edited by saivamsi)
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 CS6   July 8, 2013   Report Abuse
By peregrintuk     See my 4 reviews »
Adobe and to download the beta version of Photoshop CS6, the new version in which we can see how the company redesign a great product and it became even better. For those who do not know, Photoshop is a design program, both photos and videos (thanks to this new version), often used in newspapers, magazines, websites, etc..

New User Interface (UI)
Completely changed the UI Adobe Photoshop CS6, now you can see dark gray that create a deeper experience when using the program, however, if you are used to the classic light gray, check again going to Preferences> Interface.

Now Adobe decided to make the tabs a must in Photoshop, of course, is almost necessary to surf the internet, but maybe in the program is not so successful. To the right of the windows are more integrated, and the toolbar on the right is nearly identical to previous versions, but thanks to the colors gray is a bit difficult to distinguish each, I suppose it's a matter of getting used to.

Content-aware Move
Content-aware move is a new tool that brings CS6, will surely see many mounts in the coming years because of it, is very useful for quick edits.

This tool allows you to select an area, you can copy and drag, as in the example of the next picture.
Video Editing
Photoshop CS6 brings the new ability to edit video, basic editing tools for those who do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional program that will not use often.

This new feature allows you to add borders, textures, filters or adjust colors or brightness. The functions are simple enough to iMovie has more, however those who do not need a professional program for editing and Photoshop are fans will feel at home with this new feature.

New details

Photoshop has new changes, some large and some small, here are some:

New way to cut
Honestly this new way to cut is similar to how Apple implemented this feature in iOS and iPhoto, when you select "Cut" or Crop. For those who have spent months using this tool in iOS make them easy to use in CS6, but those accustomed to the previous method will make them very tedious.
Adobe transformed a very simple action such as cut and this is not necessarily bad, sure to be a matter of habit. Trim works as follows: when you select trim, a box around the image, so you just enlarge or minimize it and select cut.

Before it was annoying to keep the projects you worked every 10 minutes, now it will not be necessary as Adobe included a new auto-save feature with which you will not have to stop editing to save constantly. This is one of the most important things and that many will not notice the first time they use CS6. You can also choose how often the program will save to your computer will not stop unexpectedly.

Listening to Users
Adobe decided to implement new features that its users had been demanding from brushes with over 5000 pixels to "paste Lorem Ipsum" text blocks to fill quickly. Adobe included more than 65 new features to please their customers, most are small but certainly useful for many.
For now the changes have not been extreme, when we feel comfortable CS6 use which is very good at using new software, however it would be nice video editing was a little more advanced.

The new user interface is a bit complicated to use the first time, but eventually one can get used and it is only a matter of time need not look for a minute or windows tools.

Overall not disappoint CS6, Adobe did a great job as usual with the most popular program for image editing, but one of the things that upset at first was the fact that the program is stopped from time to time, but this is normal since it is a beta, at least we hope it is so.
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 Photographer must have   July 8, 2013   Report Abuse
By jculbret   This is my only review so far.
Adobe Photoshop has long been one of the standard graphic and photographic editing applications on the market. Its cross-platform sophistication reaches further than just features and capability, it has been a leader in its field with many applications following in its footsteps.

Last year, Adobe released its Creative Suite 5 (CS5) upgrade that further expands the program's capabilities into the world of modern digital photography. CS5 continues its standard toolset of editing gizmos, including a host of adjustment and transform filters that can perform an enormous amount of image manipulation. Those involved in the development of website graphics and image manipulation will be happy to see these features still intact, but the logical question is, what's new? Is it worth the investment to upgrade? How will it benefit me?

These are all good questions and the answers focus primarily on enhancements to digital imaging in the modern era of digital photography. CS5 has been enhanced to fully support the high definition resolution (HDR) capabilities of modern digital cameras. These HDR cameras contain high dynamic range sensors that increase bit rates from 12-bit to 14-bit RAW files. This four-fold increase in digital information packs an enormous amount of added information in picture details, such as shadows.

The new CS5 HDR features enable multiple exposures to be combined to create images with stunning realism. Past Photoshop versions supported HDR, but its use was limited and difficult to use. Photoshop CS5 has enhanced HDR performance with an easier interface that no longer need multiple exposures the create HDR photographs. Multiple exposures can be created from a single exposure using HDR Toning, which simulates an HDR photograph.

New tools are also added to enhance image editing. Puppet Wrap tags portions of an image, then that image portion can be reshaped. Think of a drooping daisy. With Puppet Wrap, the stem of the daisy can be tagged and the daisy reshaped so the stem is no longer dropping, but straight.

Content aware fill is a feature that turned heads at the Photoshop World 2010 conference. Content aware fill combines the patch tool and the spot healing brush and expands on its performance with stunning results. Objects within an image can be removed and the image reworked such that it's nearly impossible to detect the object was ever there.

Automatic lens correction has been added with powerful features that compensate for lens distortion. This new feature uses three correcting algorithms that fix various types of lens distortion: chromatic aberration, geometric distortion, and vignetting. The results are really amazing. An image with fish eye distortion can be corrected with seemingly perfect results.

Another area where CS5 excels is in the area of visual noise reduction (image sharpening). CS5 contains a new Camera RAW 6 format that makes it very easy to remove noise from images taken with high ISO settings. An area of improvement for future Photoshop releases is to extend this feature so noise reduction settings can be viewed even when the existing image isn't viewed in its actual size. Currently, to see the result of any setting, the image needs to be zoomed out to its original size.

CS5 has an added minibridge module that enhances image organization by switching between Bridge and Photoshop. This makes locating images much more efficient. This addition is an example of dozens of new, smaller enhancements that assist in efficiency. There are numerous added developments that enhance straightening, cropping, conversions, and more.

CS5 also provides 3D brushes and warping tools with Adobe's Repousse, which converts a 2D, flat image to an image with a 3D relief. This can be immensely helpful for the development of website graphics where buttons and icons are designed to pop off the screen.

The system requirements for CS5 are the same as prior versions with full support for 64-bit systems. Cross-platform 64-bit support enables images of much larger size to be opened with increased speed.

Overall, Photoshop CS5 is an impressive piece of work that increases the application's performance to meet today's digital imaging needs. Its added tools and features make this version arguably the most impressive and important release to date. With added content management features and support for its past feature base, CS5 is a version that gives those who have been holding out a real reason to upgrade.
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 A wonderful way to photoshop anything   July 1, 2013   Report Abuse
By saivamsi   See my 84 reviews »
Photoshop is really cool and I am currently learning on how it works? and i learned a lot about it. You can modify images, create images and you can do a lot of stuff. A really awesome way to work on photos.
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