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Apple iPhone 5 (Item added by saivamsi)

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The iPhone 5 is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by Apple Inc.. It is the sixth generation of the iPhone and succeeds the iPhone 4S. The phone is a slimmer, lighter model that introduces a higher-resolution, 4-inch screen to the series with 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. The phone also includes a custom-designed ARMv7 processor called the Apple A6, an update to Apple's mobile operating system known as iOS 6, and support for LTE. The Phone can be updated to iOS 7. Edit Description (Description last edited by saivamsi)
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 Cool Phone (Great iOS Phone)   August 10, 2013   Report Abuse
By cyzubyuf   This is my only review so far.
Apple did a great job for this phone, but I think they should have made even bigger phones than this one and I want them to be cheaper but iOS is awesome.
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 Apple iphone   July 7, 2013   Report Abuse
By laurachapa32   This is my only review so far.
Since the first iPhone came out years ago I've been a fan. No other phone can compare with an iPhone. The iPhone is simple to use & has numerous things to offer. If you do your homework and shop around you can find a decent price on the iPhone. All the other smartphones are jokes in my opinion, and once you get the iPhone and start using it you will not regret it.
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 new phone!   July 7, 2013   Report Abuse
By brenjrob   This is my only review so far.
I had an iphone 4s for about two years and it was time to get a new phone. Target has a great deal this week that made it worth it to trade in my old 4s and upgrade to a 5. I have always loved apple products but I love the new phone! The screen is a better quality, its a larger phone and screen, and its much faster than the phone I had. It was worth it, especially since I got an amazing deal on it!!
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 iPhone 5 review   July 7, 2013   Report Abuse
By nmzk22   This is my only review so far.
Warning: My reviews are thorough, straight forward, and to the point...

I am and always will be an avid supporter of Apple, despite their obscene prices & sometimes annoying level of arrogance in the world of marketing technology. Say what you will about Apple, there is no denying their superiority when it comes to the quality & capabilities of their products. When I picked up my first iphone in 2008 (a 3GS), I fell in love with the simplicity of Apple iOS & just how easy it is to navigate. Since then, I've owned the 4, the 4s, & now the 5. At this point, Needless to say, I'm accustomed to iOS & trying to use phones with other operating systems like Android & Windows gives me the worst headache you could imagine.

Now down to the dirty side of this review. Yes, I gave the iphone 5 five stars. Why? Because it does everything it claims to do. It has a slightly faster processor, slightly larger screen, & better resolution than its predecessor. The screen quality, imho, is its best asset. I will not judge the quality of the phone by how much it costs like a large percentage of other reviewers, because it is completely irrelevant in making a fair assessment of the phone itself. Besides that fact, it is pretty comparable in price to any other similar smartphone that you would buy outright without a contract. Want an iPhone but don't want to pay half a grand? Get a contract like I did & stop whining....

Moving on to the dirty, this will probably be my last iPhone purchase for a while. Why? As I've come to realize with age, shelling out $200 every single year over an upgrade to a phone that has had little to no significant changes is beyond ridiculous. Most do it for the sake of saying they own the latest iPhone. Some do it for the sake of spending money. Either way, My advice would be to not fall into the conformities of society. Buy the 4s or 5 (which are practically the same darn phone) slap an Otter box or other brand of thick protector on it (it'll live longer, trust me) & vow to hold out until Apple steps it up an acceptable amount of notches. And honestly, at this point in their game, I don't see that happening for a while. It's a vicious money cycle with Apple and I'll be the first to say...I will not be buying the inevitable & sure to come: iPhone 5s at the end of the year. Unless it can wash my clothes, cook my dinner, & read me a bedtime story....(-_-)
Disclosure: I am an insider. What's this?
Recommended Instead: Samsung Galaxy S3
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 Terrefic   July 7, 2013   Report Abuse
By soama2   This is my only review so far.
I have been using this product ever since it came out. I had the iPhone 4S and all my files, apps, contacts and pictures quickly transfered into my new iPhone. It is easily one of the toughest phones out in the market because of its aluminum body. The sleekness of the phone is a bonus and the shape makes it feel like there is something actually in my hand (unlike the Galaxy S4 which though thicker feels like I don't have a phone in my hand) but overall the iPhone 5 is a terrific phone running terrific iOS.
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 Amazing Phone   July 7, 2013   Report Abuse
By payal411   This is my only review so far.
I bought this phone when it was released. I have always been a huge fan of Apple and their products so procuring this item was a no brainer. I realized that the larger screen allowed for more content to be shown and the camera's photo abilities were quite amazing. However, since the size has increased it has become quite cumbersome to carry in my opinion only, that might not be the case for others. But, I do like the thinness of the phone and the smaller charging port does make sense and easier to carry around the charger. The features are nice and once the i07 comes out in Fall 2013, it will really showcase the phone's ability no matter what design is changed structurally. It's hard for the phone to malfunction compared to an Android where its shelf life is about a year being a past user. I'm happy with this product and the warranty and customer service that comes with it is pretty good so there are never any qualms. Some of the disappointments though are that a lot of the design that has been integrated with the phone doesn't coordinate and it is somewhat mismatched. For example the dialer compared to the contacts page etc. It's not as cohesive and it seems like whatever has been worked on has been pushed through but they're not all matching up. With the new software to be released that will be all cleared up and everything can be showcased in a cohesive manner. I think that if anyone is wanting to switch over from another phone or even trying to learn a phone if they're older, an iPhone is one of the easiest products to use. Even if the more "harder" or complicated information isn't relayed or learn a user can still use the basic functions of the phone quite easily, which is important for consumers especially if they're used to a flip phone or never had one. Overall, I think the phone is something that has served me well and I don't regret my purchase and I look forward to seeing what Apple comes out with next because it will still be innovative and provide tangible results. Everyone will have their own opinions, but in this case for me and my uses and the things that Apple provides me, this phone has done really well for me and the company I work for and the work itself as well as the personal uses. I hope people will continue to support this product until the launch of the next phone which might be this Fall or even a "cheaper" version, but know that it's still going to be a wise investment, especially over time. Apple is always at the forefront and even though Samsung and other companies have been doing some other stuff, they know what their end goal is so you still end up intrigued and continue to purchase their products over time and come out as a satisfied customer. Great phone and product!
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 Great Phone   July 7, 2013   Report Abuse
By astra1234   This is my only review so far.
Before I had bought this phone, I had an iPhone 4. I loved my 4, but I had an upgrade available and the draw of the nice new design and a chance to have Siri was just too much for me to pass up. Boy am I glad I upgraded.It works quickly and flawlessly, and it very easy to use. If you love Apple, you will love this phone. And even if you've never had an iPhone before, this phone might just convert you.It takes gorgeous pictures, call quality is great, messaging is fast and easy, and I have way too much fun using apps and playing games on it. I have quite a bit of music, a ton of pictures, and a decent amount of apps on my phone right now, and I have only used about half of the memory right now, so I think the 32 gb is plenty of storage. The only reason to go higher is if you have an extensive music collection you want with you at all times and if you like to keep movies on your phone.
I highly recommend this phone.
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 Great lightweight phone for the general user!   July 7, 2013   Report Abuse
By lay295   This is my only review so far.
I've had an iPhone 5 ever since it came out on September 21, 2012. iOS runs very smoothly and the graphics capability on it is great. On my older generation apple devices some games lag on them but on the iPhone 5 everything runs smoothly. Battery lasts me all day and the Camera takes beautiful pictures with HDR along with panoramic pictures build into iOS. the iPhone 5 will also support iOS7 and since I'm currently running on iOs 7 Beta 2 I can tell you it's a big game changer. The phone is very sturdy even without a case, i've dropped it many times but very little damage. The one thing I have gripes about with this phone is there are no ways to quickly reply to a text message which is a big negitive for apple phones. Overall very good!
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 Looks Cool, but is it really cool   June 25, 2013   Report Abuse
By saivamsi   See my 83 reviews »
The iPhone 5 is a new smartphone in iPhone series released in September of 2012. As soon as it was released into market according to Tech Crunch they are sold out faster than iPhone 4S and 4. The iPhone is a wonderful looking, slim and light weight of all the iPhone. In fact it was the best iPhone ever designed by Apple. iPhone 5 the lighting charger is one of the best features and resolution screen makes iPhone 5 the best smartphone in the market.
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