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DC28 Animal by Dyson (Item added by jamie)

Based on 4 Reviews
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The Dyson DC28 Animal is a bagless upright designed to effortlessly take up animal hair. Edit Description (Description last edited by jamie)
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 performs brilliantly   March 26, 2014   Report Abuse
By josh2000jt   This is my only review so far.
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
i was very excited to unbox this. qnd when i did i was very happy it perfoms better than most others and is rather cheap for how well it performs it is a must buy and it deffinitelly exceeds expectations it handles very well and has strong suction
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 Amazing vaccum - until I changed my carpet type.   June 29, 2013   Report Abuse
By TKStar   See my 30 reviews »
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
I've been a Dyson devotee for almost 10 years. I still have the original Dyson Animal vacuum, and it is plugging away. I upgraded to the DC28 Animal vacuum 3 years ago, and have had a mostly positive relationship -- until I changed my upstairs carpets.

First things first, this carpet really SUCKS - in a good and bad way. The suction is amazing and I reliably filled 2-3 canisters every week. Since I have had 2 golden retrievers (they shed like crazy) getting the pet hair up is a priority for me.

The Dyson DC28 works like a charm on bare floors and low pile rugs. The suction even on the lowest setting was too strong for small area rugs, and it wasn't pleasant to use on them as it sucked up the rug itself.

However, I recently upgraded my upstairs wall to wall carpets to a higher pile rug - very plush. The Dyson DC28 Animal began acting up within the first two minutes of trying to vacuum. Then it broke completely.

Thinking it was just the density of the rug, I lugged the Dyson downstairs, but to no avail - the sucker no longer sucked. I brought it to the vacuum repair shop the next day, and the repairman said that technically there was nothing wrong with the Dyson, but the three different carpet settings were actually too strong for the new carpet type I have, and that he saw Dyson owners in all the time for the same issue.

I was a Dyson devotee for a long time - but had to trade this in for a different vacuum to accommodate my new carpet investment.

Long story short - if you have animals that shed a lot and bare floors and/or low carpet pile, I'd recommend this vacuum in a heartbeat (even with the strong area rug suction issue). If you have plush carpets than this is not the vacuum for you.
Recommended Instead: Eureka AirSpeed ONE Pet, Bagless Upright Vacuum A
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 It's an animal!   July 9, 2013   Report Abuse
By kkculbreth   This is my only review so far.
his whole time I thought I was vacuuming my carpet...what was my weak vacuum doing and why was I wasting my time?

I picked up the Dyson from a popular retail home goods store for 20% off the MSRP. Assembly was simple. Snap the Quick-draw Telescope Reach(tm) wand into the flexible hose and fit the wand onto the body of the vacuum. Remove various pieces of cardboard. Vacuum.

I live in an apartment with two cats; one of which sheds a lot (we call him fur pants). I had been using a Dirt Devil Featherlite Bagless Upright Vacuum for about 3 years. It picked up large pieces of dirt, and sometimes the smaller pieces. We used it a lot to vacuum cat litter in the cat's room as well. I've used the attachments a few times as well. One thing I noticed about the Dirt Devil is that whenever I wanted to use an attachment or empty the canister, I had to practically prepare myself for an asthma attack. Dirt and dust everywhere. And the thing is...if I pull out an attachment to clean, the first thing I clean is the dirt that's made by disconnecting the hose from head to the attachment! Anyway, ol' devil started to burn plastic and rubber when I ran it and I'd been looking for a toy. I did a lot of research and almost went with the Bissell 5770 Healthy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum, but I'm a man who demands the highest quality products with proven results and reputation.

The Dyson DC28 Delivers. My wife had vacuumed with the Dirt Devil 3 days before I vacuumed with the Dyson. The Dyson picked up so much hair, dirt, dust, and debris embedded in the carpet that I filled the canister when vacuuming my living room and office. Mind you, my apartment is only 720 sq ft. I vacuumed the living room again to pick up even more dust, dirt, hair, and debris! Amazing. The flat out tool that comes with the DC 28 is amazing and is the most useful vacuum tool I've ever used. Between my long arms and the reach of the telescope-reach wand, I was able to get all but 8 inches from one side of the bed. I quickly went to the other and finished up the job. The power of the machine is amazing, as well as the versatility of the machine and accessories. My wife even dusted her shoes with the multi-use attachment brush head!

As you power on the machine and select the depth of carpet from the buttons on the base of the handle, the vacuum adjusts it's posture such that you can feel it literally clamp itself to the floor with relentless grip. The power and weight remind me more of a carpet shampoo machine because it is so firm and weighted in it's engagement to the floor. Some might complain that this vacuum is too heavy. I would complain that they are too weak. I am not a body builder - I am a regular person. It's a little rougher, but I'm not soar or requiring days of recover to rebuild my muscular tissue. It's not as big of a deal as some reviewers would have you believe. The weight is a plus when using the attachments because you are less prone to knock it down when demanding reach and flexibility out of the hose. If you're a lightweight (being less than 130 lbs) or are in horrible physical shape, get yourself a Dyson DC24. If not, get the DC28.
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 Not quite 4 stars   June 23, 2013   Report Abuse
By jamie of     See my 51 reviews »
The Dyson Animal is good enough for cleaning up dog hair but perhaps not exceptional compared to other vacuums on the market in lower price brackets. I was looking for a bagless solution, however, which limited my options. The Animal is easy to clean out from cleaning to cleaning, but its brushes do tend to get clogged up with hair and fur.
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